Privacy Policy

At, we always try to maintain your privacy and protect your personal information. Yes, we collect visitors’ details such as names, contact details, email ID, general demographic information, etc.

We may send the notification to users’ e-mail addresses or send the SMS on the contact number about any deviation in the privacy policy, newly entered information related to the user/users and queries regarding our services.


Information Collection Method

There is no automatic system for collecting the personal details of the users. When you visit our website to explore our services or product, you are asked to furnish personal details to know more about the particular project/services.

Apart from this, there are some sorts of information we receive from your browser and our software applications like from which website you came, browser name, device, time and date of accessing our web page


Use of Cookies

Yes, we are collecting information from users and utilizing cookies to gather the information. Cookies/tracking technologies allow saving the personal information like your name, your account (not password), your feedback, your data that you have submitted on our website and your IP address. Neither do we have cookies to save your password nor provide this information to any third party. You can configure your browser to reject or accept these cookies.



The security of our valuable users or visitors is a prime concern for us. We strive hard to protect your account details from unauthorized access and unlawfully access. Despite using technology to protect users’ data, there is no 100% security assurance on the internet or in electronic storage. Therefore, we do not guarantee that your personal details remain safe all the time.


Updation of Privacy Policy

We, at, reserved all rights to update, amend, change and modify the privacy policy without any prior notification. However, all updates regarding changes or modifications in the privacy policy can be seen on this page.



We, at, shall not be liable for any damage(s) or loss(s) because of any disclosure (inadvertently or otherwise) of personal details/data. You agree with our privacy policy by submitting personal details or visiting our website.


Contact Information

We welcome your valuable feedback, suggestion or queries at at any time regarding our services/projects and this privacy policy.