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An emerging landmark Commercial Mall that brings investment opportunities to people from different walks of life. It is truly a model business centre that provides an inclusive environment to nurture multiple businesses under the same roof.



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Opportunities in commercial office space in Greater Noida

Greater Noida has enormous opportunities in commercial spaces due to its perfect location and seamless connectivity to the entire Delhi NCR. There is an ocean of opportunities in this region for businesses to grow and expand globally. Metro expansion, construction of Jewar Airport, Film City and superb road connectivity are the few things which you can’t find in any other location. No one can deny the fact that soon it will become a popular hub of commercial activities in India. Once Jewar Airport becomes operational, it will attract several national and international companies to set up their bases in this area. If you have any plans to buyoffice space in Greater Noida, then this is the right time because the price will surely go up in times to come.

Interestingly IThums Galleria at Alpha II, Greater Noida, a prestigious commercial project by IThum World, has office spaces in different sizes. It is a multi-dimensional commercial real estate development that offers space for offices and other commercial purposes. Invest in this project and own your commercial space in Delhi NCR.

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Benefits of Buying Office Space in Greater Noida

  • A Positive Business Environment.
  • Natural Price Appreciation in Real Estate
  • The Rapid Growth of Infrastructure
  • Address of Several Companies and Start-ups
  • Better Connectivity, Less Traffic
  • Growing Metro Infrastructure for Easy Commuting
  • Numerous Residential Societies and Commercial Infrastructure
  • A Range of Investment Options in Commercial Property
  • Proximity to The Upcoming Jewar International Airport
  • The Prices are within Reach Comparatively to Noida and Delhi
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Commercial Office Space in Greater Noida:
Investment Opportunities

As discussed above, Greater Noida has emerged as a favourite destination for businesses due to its exceptional location and growth prospect. Several national and international brands/companies have already moved to this place. The efforts by Central and State Governments to develop it as a future smart city are also boosting investment.

The demand for commercial spaces in metro cities was always high, but it has gone up rapidly after the Government of India’s business-friendly reforms were introduced post-2014. Accordingly, the ease of doing business ranking in India significantly improved. Now, more people are opting for self-employment, which results in the mushrooming growth of start-ups in India.

Delhi NCR has benefitted hugely due to such a rise in the demand for commercial spaces. People have numerous investment options in commercial real estate projects. IThums Galleria in Greater Noida offers commercial office space for sale with several modern amenities to meet such demand.

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IThums Galleria - Best Commercial Property in Greater Noida for Office Spaces

Sprawling across 7 Lakh Sq.Ft., IThums Galleria is an ultra-modern High Street Mall concept. It is a modern commercial project where office space is available in different sizes and price ranges. There is no doubt that after the completion of the project, it will become a one-stop solution for businesses. Investment starts from Rs.12.00 Lakh only, which gives opportunities to the maximum number of people belonging to low-income groups. The best part is that the project is near completion, and several brands/companies have already signed.  Own office space at IThum Galleria and witness the unprecedented growth of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I find good office space for sale in Greater Noida?

Finding a good commercial space in Greater Noida or any other location needs some basic research. One should collect project information in detail to get an ideal office space. Research about location, get property details, check RERA status, analyse prices, and know about the builder. You can also seek help from any subject expert. 

Which is the best commercial property in Greater Noida for Office Spaces?

No property can match the IThums Galleria in terms of location, quality, price flexibility, commuting options, already signed brands, etc. Above all, the project is near completion and expected to be delivered by the year-end 2023. 

What is the minimum budget required for commercial office space in Greater Noida?

It is the most common question that people ask frequently. In today’s scenario, the budget of around Rs.15 lakhs would be enough for small office space in Greater Noida. However, the prices of commercial properties may vary depending on location, connectivity, amenities, unit size, etc. If we analyze past trends, property prices rise every year. Hence, the best time for investment is today. 

Which location is good for investment in Greater Noida?

Alpha 2, Greater Noida, has an edge due to its growth potential, unmatched connectivity, and proximity to residential sectors. Numerous multinational corporations/brands have their headquarters in this location. However, the entire Greater Noida has infinite development possibilities

Why IThums Galleria is the best commercial property for office spaces?

IThum Galleria at Alpha 2, Greater Noida, is undoubtedly a buzzing property due to its unmatched workspaces and growing brand partners. Premium location opposite the metro station, surrounded by several residential sectors and commercial towers; it is the most sought-after commercial property in Greater Noida for office spaces. Aesthetically designed workspaces with world-class amenities ensure efficiency and high productivity.

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