Why You Should Invest in Noida Real Estate: Buy Property in Noida

Why You Should Invest in Noida Real Estate

Invest in Noida real estate to earn a high profit with zero-risk probability on your investment. Real Estate investment opportunities in Noida have been growing rapidly for the last few years, and it has become a favourite destination for home buyers and job seekers. People from all over India are migrating to Noida-like cities to upgrade their living and working experience. In the current scenario, Noida and Greater Noida are the fastest-growing cities in the country, creating plenty of investment options in both residential and commercial properties. Top-notch road infrastructure, a world-class metro network, and revolutionary mixed-use development projects in Noida attract investors worldwide.

The kind of return on investment this city has provided in the last decade and with higher growth possibilities, it is the most prominent place to invest. It is pertinent to mention here; that Noida is on the list of top cities which will be developed under the Central Government’s smart city programme.

Being a satellite city of Delhi, Noida has always been on top of the development agenda of the GOI and State Government. The mega infrastructure projects like Data Centres, Special Economic Zones, Highways, Expressway, Film City and the upcoming Jewar International Airport are the highlights which are attracting people towards Noida. The city offers unprecedented employment opportunities in IT, FinTech, Banking, BPOs, KPOs and real estate development. And therefore, investing in Noida would be a calculative decision to secure a high rental income. Go through the following information and understand how an investment in Noida can shape your future.

Top Reasons to Invest in Noida Real Estate

As explained above, Noida has emerged as a prime investment hub over the years, and its growth journey is exceptional in many ways. There can be multiple reasons to invest in Noida, but we have highlighted some of the top factors below:

Most Accessible City in India

Before investing in any real estate property, irrespective of commercial and residential, location accessibility is the first thing we must consider, as avoiding it may lead to repercussions. The entire Noida is superbly connected to Delhi, Ghaziabad and Meerut via road and metro network. Delhi-Meerut expressway (NE-3) has reduced the travel time to 1 hour between the two cities (Noida & Meerut), increasing the job and other commercial opportunities for people living in these cities. Noida- Greater Noida Expressway, FNG Expressway, Eastern Peripheral Expressway, etc., have also enhanced accessibility to Noida.

It is a planned city where inter-city link roads, expressways, and metro connectivity are systematically in place to give visitors unhindered access. Further, easy accessibility to IGI and upcoming Jewar International airports provides worldwide connectivity that enhances business prospects.

Growing IT and Industrial Hub

India is the fastest-growing economy, and IT Sector is one of the sectors that has seen remarkable success, creating millions of jobs in the Country. However, the sectors like banking, manufacturing, healthcare, services sectors and digital infrastructure have also contributed to the rising economy. Several reforms to boost the economy have been introduced by Government in the last ten years, encouraging people to become job providers instead of job seekers. Today, India is the fifth largest economy in the world, and soon we will surpass Germany and Japan to mark third rank.

The programmes like Make in India and Digital India have transformed business opportunities in India, and the Country’s ease of doing business ranking has also improved, resulting mushrooming growth of new startups. As a result, Noida and Gurgaon-like cities became new IT/ITES and business destinations. Several startups, MNCs and IT giants like TCS, Microsoft, Samsung, HCL, Wipro, Adobe, etc., are operating their businesses from Noida. The number of new companies, ventures and industries is growing consistently in this region and generating new employment opportunities. Several projects like Data Centre, Film City, commercial projects, road & metro projects, etc., are at various stages of development. 

Business-friendly environment

Noida offers a promising business-friendly environment where modern infrastructure, exceptional road connectivity, metro network, and airport connectivity fuels growth. Further, demand, supply chain, manpower and resources are perfectly synchronized to maximize productivity. These are the factors behind the increased demand for office space in Noida in the recent past. Choose the desired property in Noida according to your budget and investment plans. You have an open market and the opportunity to grow your business beyond boundaries.

Price Appreciation and High Rental Income

One of the greenest cities in India, Noida offers property at affordable prices compared to Gurugram and many other metro cities. People have many investment options in residential and commercial categories with flexible payment plans. As stated above, Noida has become a leading IT and industrial hub, hosting many multinational corporations, IT Parks and manufacturing units, contributing to job creation in different sectors. It has led to an increase in the demand for residential and commercial properties in the region.

Moreover, the government’s plan to develop Noida as a smart city has created a promising growth environment. And it encourages investors and businesses to invest in real estate properties to earn high ROI and rental yield. Therefore, the most suitable time to invest in Noida real estate is today, as property prices are surging.

Upcoming Jewar International Airport

Noida is strategically positioned adjacent to the National capital Delhi, popularly known for its global infrastructure, world-class roads, educational institutes, IT/ITES hub and real estate projects has remarkable potential to increase your investment value to manifolds. The construction of the upcoming Jewar International Airport is in full swing, and once it becomes functional, Noida will embark on a new growth journey, opening numerous opportunities for residents and people in the vicinity. 

As per the plan, this airport will be operationalized in a phased manner, and the first phase is expected to start by the end of 2024. Property prices in Noida and Greater Noida have already been impacted due to the development of this state of art airport. And real estate industry experts have opined that real estate prices will touch new heights and probably may go out of budget for the middle class in times to come. 

Therefore, don’t waste your precious time thinking about when to invest. If you have an appropriate budget, invest today. Buying property in Noida would be your greatest decision ever. However, before taking a final investment decision, don’t forget to take guidance from any real estate industry expert/professional.

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The top reasons why you should invest in Noida real estate have been explained in detail above. Now, it is crystal clear that Noida is the most preferred choice to invest in due to its unmatched infrastructure development in housing and commercial segments, seamless accessibility, multi-national companies, educational institutes, healthcare facilities and ongoing development projects. Already established as a Business Hub where various companies of different industries are enjoying a positive business environment, Noida will be the commercial capital of India in the near future. Government policies and the steps taken so far to upgrade the lifestyle in Noida have attracted massive investment. Real estate investment is one of the safest investments, and when you have a Noida-like investment destination, the future is secure and bright.