Which is the Best Commercial Property for Sale in Noida and Greater Noida?

Which is the Best Commercial Property for Sale in Noida and Greater Noida

Commercial Property for Sale in Noida: Investing in property or any other asset is always challenging, especially when you don’t have sufficient knowledge about the property or assets. Several factors are there such as market trends, expected profits, risk factors involved, budget, etc., which need to be examined before investing. Most people are not fully aware of the commercial real estate opportunities in Noida and Greater Noida. A complete assessment of the property including price, location, connectivity and amenities, can help you reach the right conclusion.

Investing is a necessity for all of us because there is uncertainty in life. Hence, good investment can help us overcome financial crises in testing times. If you are exploring property in Delhi NCR, you should know the best commercial property for sale in Noida and Greater Noida regions. Explore the market and find answers to the questions that are raised in your mind. Here in this article, you will find some best options in commercial segments.

How to find the best commercial property for Sale in Noida?

As discussed above, one needs to check several things while selecting a commercial project to invest in. Go through the following factors and proceed only after understanding the project details:

Project Location

The location of the project is the first thing to examine. If you are planning to invest in Noida and Greater Noida, you need to see the project site, connectivity and development of its surroundings. The entire Noida and Greater Noida region has emerged as the commercial capital of Delhi NCR. Several big companies and start-ups are running their businesses, and still, there are a lot of possibilities in the commercial segment.


Without proper connectivity, we can’t imagine commercial space in today’s scenario. Everyone wants easy connectivity, be it investors or end-users. If the project is connected via metro and road networks, it will be a great plus for the property. Therefore, check whether the property in which you are planning to invest is well-connected or not.

Social Infrastructure

Well-developed surroundings or adjoining areas are a good sign for commercial property, and it helps in many ways. The infrastructural development in the locality speaks a lot about the project. As a customer, we can expect the future growth of that particular area, and it gives huge boosts. The social infrastructure may include banks, schools, hospitals, market and commercial projects, etc. After evaluating these factors, an investor can sense the growth prospects of the commercial property.

Real Estate Developer

Apart from location, connectivity, social infrastructure and other related factors, the real estate developer concerned matters the most. There are numerous real estate developers in the Delhi NCR, and not everyone is reliable. Before investing, the background of the builder or real estate developer must be checked to ascertain the quality of construction and timely possession.

In this regard, you need to check the number of delivered commercial/residential projects by the concerned builder or developer. The experience of the builder in real estate is also a notable point. For example, IThum World is one of the established real estate developers in Delhi NCR. The company has several options in commercial space. Some of the key projects are discussed below.

Best Commercial Property for Sale in Delhi NCR

IThums 62 is a newly launched commercial project in the CBD Noida, which is going to be a new landmark in Sector 62 Noida. Artistically designed and beautifully crafted, this property will change the experience of the workplace environment. The proposed multi-story building has office spaces, retail spaces and food courts with all modern amenities like car parking, metro connectivity, power backup, 24×7 security with CCTV surveillance, etc.

IThums 73, the new-age commercial property in Noida Sector 73, has commercial space for offices, retail shops, food courts, etc. The best location and connectivity via metro and road networks are the top USPs of this project. Investing in such premium property would be a wise decision.

IThums Galleriathe commercial property in Alpha-II, Greater Noida is the one-stop solution for businesses. The multi-dimensional project has space for offices, retail shops, food courts, hypermarkets, multiplexes, entertainment zones, etc. Construction quality, location, connectivity, and amenities, make this project an ideal destination for investing.

These are the ongoing projects of IThum World, which have already created a buzz in the market. Every project is different from another project in terms of design, location, prices, purpose, etc. Apart from these, the IThum and Corenthum are landmark delivered projects by the company.


In this article, we have discussed the prerequisites required for identifying top commercial property for investment. Now, it is clear that there must be an accessible location, social infrastructure, reasonable prices, amenities, etc. However, one should not ignore the involvement of a reputed real estate developer.

If you are seriously searching for commercial property in Noida and Greater Noida, contact IThum World and get instant guidance.